First Quality Teak Planks

Technical Specifications

Teak lumber (Tectona grandis) in rough or planed condition. All the pieces are kiln-dried (maximum moisture content < 12%).


  • Width: 6″ – 8″
  • Length: 5´ – 8´
  • Thickness:
    • 1″ – After being kiln dried and planed: 7/8″ – 1″
    • 1.5″ – After being kiln dried and planed: 1.5″ – (1.5″ + 1/8″)
    • 2″ – After being kiln dried and planed: 2″ – (2″ + 1/8″)


First Quality Teak planed
First Quality Teak rough
First Quality Teak planed
First Quality Teak rough
First Quality Teak rough


First Quality Teak underside
First Quality Teak underside
First Quality Teak underside
First Quality Teak underside

First quality teak lumber presents the following characteristics:

  • Contains more than 95% heartwood on the topside of the piece.

  • Contains an underside with sapwood (Never 100%).

  • Thickness with at least 30% sapwood.

  • Sporadically living knots.

  • No dead knots.

  • No pith.

  • No hollows.

  • No dead edge.

  • Has a pleasant characteristic odor.

  • Teak is a high quality species which has proven density and strength indexes (janka index > 1000 lbf).

  • Is straight.

  • Regularly contains silica, so the use of appropriate planing and cutting tools are recommended.

Teak wood is especially recommended for exterior areas because it contains natural oils which protect against insects. It is very useful for furniture and floors exposed to temperature and humidity variations.

We recommend the use of mineral oils on both sides of the piece prior to its installation, and for the total maintenance of the product in order to maintain the color and texture of the wood.

The pieces come both from adult and young trees, differing from each other in colour as they have brown tones in the heartwood and lighter tones (white or yellow) in the sapwood.

The adult wood contains a higher heartwood content than the young teak, even though both types maintain the characteristics of resistance. The color variations allow supplying opportunities for different types of customers, satisfying distinct tastes and needs.


Teak planks are usually measured in cubic meters (m³), or in board feet (BF), depending on the country and place of sale.


We Care for Earth´s Sustainability

Eco Friendly

Teak trees capture CO2 from the air, reducing the global warming effects while preserving biodiversity.


The plantations do not require too much water, fertilizers or chemicals, as they are carefully located in ecosystems with the right amount of rainfall and soils similar to those of wild teak.

Socially Responsible

The plantation creates local jobs with a high impact on the community through promoting love and caring for the planet and its preservation.


The plantation is renewable, contributing to the preservation of natural forests.

Technologically Savvy

The teak is cultivated with the best technology available so that it fluorishes in similar conditions to those in Burma, developing the best quality.

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