Eco Friendly Teak from Mexico to the World

Eco Friendly Teak
from Mexico to the World

Beautiful Sustainable Teak – FSC Certified

Eco Friendly Teak distributes FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified teak lumber in the US, Canada, Europe and Mexico, directly from a commercial plantation in Mexico.

Teak logs

Commercial plantation harvested teak wood is eco-friendly. It is renewable, captures CO2 and preserves wild life habitats as well as biodiversity.

FSC certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity while benefiting the lives of local people and workers, ensuring it sustains economic viability”.

Teak lumber

Teak from an FSC plantation is technically identical (in mechanical properties as well as in weather and insect resistence) to the one harvested from an old-growth forest.

Premium Plus Teak planed

At Eco Friendly Teak, we select up to 100% heartwood to ensure we offer a superior product, similar to old forest teak in both quality and color.

Teak from Mexico to the World Illustration

At Eco Friendly Teak, we bring you the best FSC certified teak lumber directly from Mexico.

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Get beautiful, high quality teak, while contributing to the sustainability and balance of the forests.

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